Thursday, 2 May 2013

'Half the Sky Movement: The Game' Review

Originally posted on the Games for Change website.

Having worked in Social games for the last few years I was very eager to see how this project would transpose to Facebook. However, in all honesty I was slightly aprehensive as to how much the game would utilise some of the more frustrating social game features which have become all too common on the Facebook platform. I needn't had worried, 'Half the Sky Movement' has completly surpassed my expectations and delivered a very solid social game. The game introduces a great narrative thread which is broken up with fun little missions and mini-games creating this balance of story and action. This si all held together with beautiful artwork and strong character design, making an otherwise difficult world a joy to step into and be a part of. The social features are integrated nicely and the fact that every action you make is contributing to unlocking a gift donation makes all the tasks even more meaningful. My main criticism however is the repetitive nature of the mini-game to collect books and fruit. I would have loved to see some variation on this type of collect/match mini-game. This aside I would highly recommend giving 'Half the Sky' a try.

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